High Society Kustom Garage

Interior Restoration

This month we’ll concentrate solely on HSKG’s specialty, the interior, and how best to tackle this part of your restoration project. More Evaluation Much like the vehicle overall, the interior restoration begins with inspecting the car thoroughly.  Note any scratches, rips, stains, or imperfections in the upholstery.  Start a running list of issues or things […]

Car interior mould

For a predicted dry summer thanks to apparent El Niño events, we’ve sure had a lot of rainfall in Queensland in the past 6 weeks.  Whether you are excited about the rain or longing for a dry spell, you need to prepare for the moisture ahead.  Rain increasing the already high humidity we have at […]

Evolution of automotive carpets

Carpeting in cars serves multiple purposes, providing comfort, sound absorption, and a polished appearance. While the differences between carpets may seem negligible at first glance, understanding the various options available can help you make an informed decision. Let’s explore the evolution of automotive carpets and examine the variations in materials and manufacturing techniques. A Historical […]