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Because we are enthusiasts ourselves, certain rides REALLY catch our eye while we’re out and about.  To show our appreciation of your sweet ride, we’d like to introduce you to #thegoldcard.

If we spot something that makes us look twice, we’ll gently pop #thegoldcard on your ride where you’ll easily spot it.  Cars, bikes, trucks, we love them all.  What happens if you find #thegoldcard?  Nothing really, it’s just our way of giving you a compliment.  But we’d love it if you were to hop onto your preferred social media and tag us.  Share a couple of pictures and a bit of info about what makes your ride so special.  How long have you owned it?  What work have you done to it?  Is it (really) finished?  We’re on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, it would be great hearing from you.

#thegoldcard sweet ride appreciation
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