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The Advantages of Customising Your Car Interior

If you’re a car enthusiast, you know there’s nothing quite like owning and driving a modified vehicle, and the benefits of customising your car’s interior are numerous.  From improved comfort to increased aesthetics, personalisation can make the driving experience more enjoyable and practical.


Here are six advantages of customising your interior:

  1. Freedom of Preference

First, customization allows you to personalise your interior to fit your individual needs and preferences.  Personalization can mean anything from changing the colour and materials to having everything within the cabin reshaped and finessed.  By customising your interior, you can ensure it is perfectly tailored to you and your style.

  1. Increased Comfort

Second, customising your interior can help you improve your comfort and enjoy a less distracted, more relaxed drive.  This is especially true when you modify your seats with your body and driving style in mind.  Things such as bolstering and headrest size.  Customising your seats can also help them to fit to your body, which can help hold you in place more comfortably.  Things such as thigh and lumbar supports are good examples.

  1. Added Value

Third, updating and customising your interior can be a great way to increase its value.  If you decide to customise your interior with high-end materials and fine craftsmanship, it will lend more value to your vehicle.  This is especially so if your current interior stock, but the rest of the car is modified.

  1. Durability

Fourth, customising your car interior can also help to make it more durable.  By adding higher-quality materials such as leather, you can ensure your interior looks its best for years to come.  With a little effort, such as following recommended care and maintenance, you can help ensure your interior will offer years of enjoyment.  Having a nice, new interior can help to make your driving experience more enjoyable and therefore, more often.  But you don’t need to shell out for a full retrim to offer some durability to your car’s interior.  Even something as simple as customised floor mats can help protect the carpet below.  Ask your trimmer if they can embroider your floor and boot mats for a bit of individuality.

  1. Increased Safety

Fifth, customising your car can also increase its safety.  This is true of a customised interior too.  A positive effect of being more comfortable is being more focused.  Safety and comfort are more entwined than you can imagine.  Modern car seating from an engineer’s perspective is designed to keep you comfortable and safe.  Applying some of that thinking to a classic car isn’t a bad idea.  Adding certain accessories, such as a safety hammer, first aid kit, or fire extinguisher, can further aid in occupants’ safety.  Having these accessories can give you peace of mind if the worst happens while you’re out on the road.

  1. Personal Expression

Finally, customising your car interior can be a great way to express yourself.  You can make your cabin truly your own by adding unique features such as unique colour combinations or intricate designs.  This can be a great way to show your personality and make your ride stand out from the rest.

To Customize or Not?

Customising the interior of your car can be a big decision.  If your vehicle has braking or suspension problems, it may be best to have these fixed first.  Having a safe and reliable vehicle should be your main priority.  Then you can research all your options to undertake in personalisation, as it can be an expensive investment.  Seek recommendations from friends or club members who are more experienced, if possible.  Go for a ride in their vehicle to see what you like and what you don’t.  Car shows and websites are also helpful tools as you gather information.  Once you’ve done your research, you might start with simple modifications first, then build your way up to a fully customised interior.  At the end of the day, knowing if you’re ready for a heavily modified interior is up to you and your preferences. (And your budget!)

High Society Kustom Garage in Brisbane

HSKG is the place for custom interiors on Brisbane’s Northside.  Whether you want to mildly or extensively modify your cabin, our experienced workshop has the knowledge and talent to make it happen.  Come and look at our extensive selection of samples, ready for your selection.  Leather, vinyl, suede, and more.  In addition to our trimming services, we’re also looking to add accessories and other items to an online store this year.


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